Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ray Gun Revival

... is the name of an online biweekly magazine dedicated to space opera and science fiction in the classic Golden Age style. It's run by Johne (Phy) Cook and his merry band of "overlords", and it's pretty good reading. They mix long-running serials and short stories, and every issue has some pretty terrific artwork by a featured science fiction artist.

Starting in the September 1, 2007, issue, they're running my story "The Pasadena Rule", which previously appeared here on ZOA. They're presenting it as a six-part serial, a couple of chapters every other issue, so I won't spoil things by linking to its previous appearance here. (It is in the archive, of course, if you just can't stand waiting till February to see how it all comes out!)

Which is all pretty cool. If this is the sort of fiction that interests you, you should definitely click over to RGR and browse around.

Postscript: Ray Gun Revival is part of an interesting flap involving the DMCA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the online open library Scribd. As far as I can tell, the folks at RGR are entirely blameless and the SFWA has been danged careless in their use of DMCA "takedown" provisions. You can find out more in the forums at the RGR site and in the current issue.