Monday, May 22, 2006

Coming up for air

The last exam is scored and the last semester average is computed. This morning I entered the last of my grades on our registrar's special website, two full hours before the deadline. The senior grades, of course, were due a week ago, since graduation was on Saturday. Now the campus has gotten quiet, as it always does at this time. We do not have summer classes around here, and except for a few science research students and so forth, the place gets pretty empty. The next few months will be lush and peaceful, punctuated by the occasional summer program (the cheerleaders, the barbershoppers, the AFL/CIO, the writing institute, the Red Cross, the school of mimes, the church conference, each in its due season). Colleges estivate.

But the sleep of the college should leave me with more time for the blog, so look for several new posts over the coming weeks. I am well and I hope you all are the same. I have a number of interesting new projects which I will tell you about later on, and there are plenty of things in the world and beyond it about which to opinionate. Meanwhile, the skies around here have been oh so blue and the trees oh so green, and it may take me a few days to stop staring at them. Till then.