Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Announcements and experiments

First, I have been getting some "blog spam" lately, probably attracted via the "atom" feed I've been experimenting with. My post this morning instantly attracted no fewer than four spammy comment messages. So for a while, until I get the whole thing straightened out, I'm disabling the comments on new posts (like this one). (But see Update below.)

Of course, you might want to send me a comment anyway. You can still do this at my "blog only" email account, which is "tewamu(AT)email(DOT)com". I will try to check this account every day or two. I will post here comments that I find particularly interesting, important or amusing. So here is the policy on the "tewamu" account: Unless you specify otherwise, I will feel free to post all or part of the content of your message (though not your email address) here.

Those of you who know my regular work-based email (which I will not post here, but which is pretty easy to find) can of course still use it to contact me, but I will not post the content of those messages without getting permission of the sender.

Now for the experiments. I have been investigating ways to include photos and other images on this blog. I'm starting out with an image (below) from our family vacation this August to Bolivia and Peru. This shows us at Machu Picchu. Left to right: yours truly, Carol, Glynis and Sarah. Machu Picchu is an amazing place, and no image can possibly hope to give more than a glimpse of its grandeur and strangeness.

The second image, shown here, is a beautiful shot that Glynis made just after dawn, when a bank of cloud blew over the ruins. If you click on the link, you can take a look at a higher-resolution version.

Hi-res (50 kB)

Our South American trip was quite an adventure, by the way. Along the way we ate llama, alpaca, guinea pig and quinoa; drank coca tea; met one of the guys who made the reed boats for Thor Heyerdahl; climbed around on many Inca and pre-Inca ruins; spent a while on Lake Titicaca; and generally had a grand ol' time. I intend to do some blogging about it when time and the muse permit.

Update: Commenter Aram has suggested that I use "word verification" on comments, which prevents automated systems from posting. I have done this. Thanks, Aram! This will add a step to posting a comment, but this should solve the problem. I am also maintaining the "tewamu" email address for a more private direct comment capability.


Blogger Norma said...

Word verification has cut down on spam for me--at least until they figure a way to get around it. Mine was always the "You have a great blog here--visit my puppy mill site" variety. Nothing too gross, but aggrevating to remove.

And you do have a nice blog, btw.

12:24 PM  

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