Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Welcome, friends!

We're only a couple of days from graduation hereabouts, which means that we're in the thick of the many chores, ceremonies and parties thereby involved. (When there are hundreds of people completing college educations that cost each of them more than my mortgage, there is some reason to celebrate!) Also, this week my in-laws are visiting from North Carolina. For these reasons and others, posting has been sparse.

I've felt particularly bad about that, because a recent link to this blog on Michael Nielsen's page has generated an astonishing amount of traffic, at least by the modest standards of this blog. I have the idea that lots of people that I know are dropping by for the first time, and I wish I had plenty of new stuff to show off. (Welcome, friends!)

Some of you who know me mostly via quantum information science may be disappointed to discover that there is relatively little quantum physics on this blog. Instead, there is an awful lot of politics and theology and whatnot, subjects about which you may find my opinions less interesting! I do post on scientific subjects that amuse me, but for the present I'm not planning on doing any serious blogging about quantum mechanics or the physics of information. Sorry about that.

In lieu of some witty new blogging, I've dusted off an old science fiction story of mine, which I've put in the post immediately below this one. Enjoy. If you've arrived for the first time, I hope you come back now and then.


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