Friday, May 13, 2005

Adding a blogroll

This is one of those annoying "check out my new features" posts that appear on blogs from time to time. Sorry.

I have mentioned before that I'm still new to this, and until recently I had not figured out how to add a "blogroll" to my page.

As you'll see in the sidebar, I have now cleared that hurdle. All that was really needed was to examine the HTML code in another blog and figure it out. I picked Joe's page, partly because he uses a similar template and partly because he did offer to help me out. The blogroll here does not include everyone that I read on a regular basis, but these are the ones I look at most frequently. (The division I've made between "Frequent reads" and "Friends", of course, is not meant to suggest that I do not frequently read my friends' blogs, nor that I am unfriendly toward those whose writing I read most often!)

Under "Favorite posts" I've added links to some past posts that seemed to turn out well and which might be of lasting interest. (In other words, they are nobody's favorites but my own!) These tend to be essays, sermons, and longer pieces. If you've just come by for the first time, feel free to check a couple of them out.


Blogger Joe said...

Good job! Now that you've figured out how to organize content, the next step is actually making changes to the design itself. Of course, it's obvious how much help I'll (not) be on that...

9:41 AM  

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