Monday, March 20, 2006

Coming attraction

The next Storyblogging Carnival -- number XLI, as I understand -- will be right here at Zeroth Order Approximation one week from today. Now is the time to submit your work to be included!

Pretty much any piece that you've written and posted on your blog that is (1) a story and (2) not outrageously offensive, qualifies. Stories of any length are welcome, and you may also post installments of works-in-progress. Official detailed rules should be here. (At the moment, though, the official rules link comes up with a blank page for me. For details, you might check instead one of the previous announcement posts on Donald Crankshaw's page, such as this one.)

Each entry should include the following data:
  • Title of story
  • URL of story
  • Name of author (optional)
  • Name of blog
  • URLof blog
  • Word count
  • Rating (like R, PG, etc.)
  • A short blurb describing the story
I'll be collecting entries through midnight (EST) on Saturday/Sunday night, 25/26 March 2006. Send yours to schumacherb(at) with "Storyblogging" in the subject line. After I sort the various entries out, the Carnival itself will be posted here on Monday, 27 March 2006. See you then!


Blogger Donald said...

Hi Ben,

That topic, Storyblogging Carnival description, is basically a placeholder for an intro to storyblogging post that I can put at the top of the Storyblogging Carnival page, if Powerblogs implements its "Do not display on main page" feature. It's empty right now.

6:07 PM  

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