Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A disturbingly persuasive view

Via Roger L. Simon, a remarkable speech from April given by Haim Harari, a well-known physicist from Israel, on the essential problems of the Middle East.

Harari believes that Israel is in fact a rather peripheral issue. The real problem is the failure of Arab Moslem societies from Morocco to Pakistan. He lists four elements of the crisis:
  • Suicide murder, which is driven by hatred and against which there can be no complete defence;
  • A culture dominated by lies and incitements to violence;
  • Money, which provides the bad guys lots of resources; and
  • Complete disregard for laws and international standards of behavior.
I read this aloud to my wife this morning while she was making hummus. It is a bleak picture, but (as my wife said) disturbingly persuasive.


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